Student Life

Art Club

Art Club for 4th and 5th grade is offered during lunch periods. Ms. Carlo offers an opportunity each week for them to come up to the art room to have open studio time, where they can explore different materials and create art that they want to make. 


All classes have the opportunity to participate in activities in our school garden. Through hands-on activities students prepare soil, plant seedlings, nurture, and harvest . This encourages students to work toward a common goal, learn valuable communication skills, empower students to become stewards of their environment, and make healthy food choices. Students find joy and happiness each time they visit the school garden. 

Student Council

In an effort to make our Student Council more inclusive and responsive this year we ventured to create more of a Student Panel composed of 5th Grade presidential candidates, 4th Grade vice presidential candidates, as well as a lower grade representatives from each of our classes.  Our 4th and 5th grade candidates buddied up with the younger grade students and they meet with them prior to our monthly Student Council meetings. This has allowed for ALL students and groups in our school community to have a VOICE and a CHOICE in the daily routines, systems, structures, initiatives, and ultimately the culture in our school.  So far, we have had success with utilizing the feedback from our Student Panel to make our school a more equitable environment where students feel more seen and reflected each day.  To highlight a few successes, our 3K and Pre-K are now receiving ice cream every Friday, the cleanliness of our facilities has improved, initiatives for improving student attendance are being implemented, and we are beginning to plan activities for our Newcomer English Language Learner families to help them adjust to their new communities!  We look forward to doing even more incredible things, as long as we do them TOGETHER!

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