About PS68


59-09 St. Felix Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385


School hours are 8:05am-2:25pm M-F, September through June


  • 3K-5 school
  • Title 1, 100% free lunch and breakfast
  • 519 students (varies by year)
  • Languages spoke at home: 63% English, 34% Spanish, 3% other
  • 20% English Language Learners
  • 24% Students with Disabilities


Anne Marie Scalfaro



Our school prioritizes the health and safety of our students above all else. We strictly follow NYC Department of Education guidelines as regards COVID 19, as well as all in-school safety procedures, including the use of door alarms, a School Safety Officer, and lockdown procedures.


At PS68 we are proud of our diverse, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic community. We celebrate and support our families with international and multicultural events, as well as curricula centered around social justice.

Over thirty percent of our students come from Spanish-Speaking homes, and we have English Language Learners in every grade. In addition to providing extra support for children who are learning English, we integrate Culturally-Responsive teaching practices in the classroom. In 2021, our Staff created a Culturally-Responsive Sustaining Mission Statement:

We provide an education that embeds practices to create a welcoming environment for students, families, and staff as part of a community that radiates a culture of belonging, and safety in our society.  We are committed to making learning relevant for students by celebrating the rich identities of each individual child and their families, as well as giving them a space in which they are encouraged to love themselves.  We value transparency with our families around these efforts to promote pride in our school culture. P.S. 68 consciously celebrates and honors individuals’ heritage, cultural backgrounds, and legacies.  We strive to create learning experiences that are responsive, so that students find that they are reflected in the curriculum and that cultural perspectives are integrated into school work.  We believe this provides multiple opportunities for students to build meaningful relationships, value other’s perspectives, build agency, and ultimately find mirrors and windows within their daily routines and the adults, or role models in the building .  Additionally, we adopt the discipline of eliciting feedback from parents and students to ensure CR-SE aligned activities are truly reflective of the school community to create a bridge from home to school.  Our main focus is to ensure that we recognize the needs of students and families, and empower all to embrace their individuality and be sensitive and respectful to others while recognizing new, rich and unique identities.  We encourage our students to feel comfortable asking questions when they may not understand or when something is unfamiliar.  Ultimately, we wish to create an inclusive community where all members are engaged, and feel equally important, celebrated, and valued for who they genuinely are.


We offer a supportive environment and education to all students with disabilities who have individualized education plans (IEPs) that require special education services.   At PS68 we have self-contained, integrated co-teaching (ICT) and special education teacher support services (SETSS) at each grade level as well as related services including speech, physical therapy, occupational therapy and counseling.  


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